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In connection of health and disease there is a material level like food, movement, environmental toxins etc. And the level of soul (The Heart). If we want understand the deeper cause of health and disease, so want to go to the source of healing, we must see both level. Because in our society the material aspects be adequately investigated and described, I want here some points sketch about the heart level they can show us the way for better healing. All what stresses us emotionally permanently will also in physical form manifest health impairment. Whether in time of short duration or to chronic disease.

The following questionnaire is designed to help in a discover of self-exploration, where I currently am in my personal development, as it looks of my sensitives of my heart and soul. You do not have to work through all points meticulous, get busy with those where your attention gets stuck. "Energy follow the attention" Be not afraid of your inside, look forward for new positive insights. You are the creator of your life. Doctors understand something of illnesses. For the prevention and conservation of his health you yourself are the expert. Take the responsibility for that, it makes free and self-determined, gives a nice feeling of independence. What increasingly significant will win in our overburdened health system.

Here we go: I hear the voice of my heart? Thereafter I consider my life? Or I close my inner inspirations, my inner voice? I live my life in fear and comfort or in love? I feel love in my live? I love myself and other? I feel loved me? I feel soul peace?

How are my relationships, both personally and professionally? It support me or burden me? Which people to good to me and how? What possibilities I have for refuel power? Be there energy suckers in my life? Who and why? I take personal responsibility for my energy budged? Where are my limits? I exceed it or I´ll admit that it do other? How is my balance of activity and rest?

How is my relationship to the creation, the universe? To God and Love? Despise or I ignore them? I live in fight or in peace with me? In what my life-energy is bound? What builds on me and what brings me down? What are my priorities? I do them implement? I live on one side or versatile?

What I make with my time? What gives stress me for in and outside? The stress inside is often crucial. What I can do to blot out or reduce to this? I live authentically? I let me urge in rolls or I urge others to roll? I give me and others the freedom to be how we are?

Spirit and psyche: I think in solutions or problems? What are my beliefs principles? This I have to recognize and verify. They still fit in my life? Help or hinder they my feeling, thinking and act, my love to me and to all other.

This questionnaire is not completely and it should not be. At work by the questions: What tell your heart? Allow yourself to get allup. Not immediately, all at his time. In which areas fell everything good, resonates all positive. In which it hooks, where it works in you. Which dispute or coping helps you best now: Diary, writing, walking, a talk with friends, listen music, meditation or ......maybe fishing? A lot of fun and success wish you, on your inner journey of discovery, your Ralf Kellmereit.

This contribution was translated by Harold Franklin Westphal Gordon.

The author Ralf Kellmereit thanks him for this translation with all his heart!