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I'm Inspired by Life

My name is Josephine Cardin, and I'm a 35-year-old fine art photographer born in the Dominican Republic, raised in Miami, and now living in Rochester, NY. I was a former dancer and bring a great deal of dance, music and emotion into my self-portraiture work.

How much planning goes into each of your works?

I'm constantly in a planning phase for multiple projects. It's just the way I live. I have several journals and lists with quotes, poems, lyrics, and anything else that inspires me. I usually go to those for inspiration, which I then either storyboard or outline with the story idea for what I'm aiming to illustrate. Sometimes its quite clear to me, other times its trial and error while I shoot. Being primarily a self-portraiture artist I have to have more planned out, because you don't have the same flexibility as when you are the one behind the lens.

What's your greatest source of inspiration?

I'm inspired by life. At the core of my art lies the complexity of human emotion. Whether heartache, loneliness, fear, or joy, I'm drawn to those defining moments in our lives where we either stagnate or transform. I love taking these themes and telling a greater story. It's one of the reasons I've recently ventured into filmmaking, my still images have been dying to "move" for some time now.

Once you finished a piece of art, what do you do?

When I'm finished with a piece I'm usually in the midst of starting a new one. Luckily in getting to do something I love I never want to stop. Each series is very personal to me, so there's a bit of a therapeutic release when I put it out there for the world to see. Exciting and terrifying at the same time.

Do you think artists see the world differently than people who do not create art?

I don't know if artist "see" the world differently, but more, I believe we experience it differently. The one thing that unifies us is that we tend to be more sensitive. Sensitive in how we are affected by people, life, and everything that goes on around us. A heightened awareness of our emotions that allows us to express ourselves in ways that someone who isn't as artistic cannot. Even greater I think is the absolute need to create and express who we are.

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