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Here's why I give away presents on my birthday

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Dear family, friends & followers,

for those of you who don't know me yet: my name is Akil and I was born and raised in Munich. I grew up with two or even more cultures and the fabulous thing about that is, that you not only learn the traditions and habits of one or two cultures, but you can see new traditions evolving.

Thus as a small child my parents made it a habit that on every birthday of mine, I would not only share my happiness, but my presents with my sister. So she always had to receive a small gift on my birthday as well. Same counted for all my friends who came to visit, they always had to get some presents as well. Just like that, by ensuring everyone around me to be happy, I naturally would have only good vibes on my birthday.

This tradition I want to revive today as well. I'm celebrating my birthday in times where thousands of people have to flee from more or less safe countries to Europe. Why? Well, one of the main reasons for this is, that our leaders did cut the budgets for food supplies and finance to the UNHCR which is supposed to be able to take care of our fellow people. At the same time you might have noticed in the last couple of days that the weather got pretty rough. "Winter is coming!" is not just an odd phrase from the "Game of Thrones" but the tragic reality which is coming for our folks. Winter also means that basically every noteworthy sea rescue mission is being shut down, because their ships are not safe for the winter or they are moving to other parts of the world.

A couple of weeks back I got to know the NGO SOS Mediterranee. It was co-founded by an experienced German captain who saw many fates of refugees on his ways crossing the seas. He and his passionate team decided to tackle this issue and rescue the people in the sea - also during the winter season. Hence they started a crowdfunding campaign to raise enough funds to buy a ship which can be operated during the winter.

Since the winter is coming closer, the weather is getting worse and people will continue to cross the sea, I decided to share my presents with this team today. I donate regularly, but this time I'm going to donate an amount, which is a lot to me, because I really believe this is important.

So if you would like to wish me all the best on my birthday today, I would really appreciate if you would help me to raise the funds for this ship - be it by donating yourself or attending the event to raise awareness for this campaign.

If you're looking for something else than donating money, I highly recommend you another thing today and every day. Usually after getting up and starting my day I watch a short 20 seconds ad on The good thing about this website is, that the founder - a 17-year-old French student - managed to get a deal with companies. Thus every 20 seconds of your attention for their ads is directly transferred into a donate, which you can choose. So if you read the text until now, you surely got 20 more seconds to try this and help finance a vital polio vaccination!

Let us all care, share our privilege and try to make the world a better place with just a few tiny steps.


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