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Dieses Foto hat eine Frau auf Instagram gepostet - doch eigentlich sieht sie ganz anders aus

Tolles Foto -aber dahinter steckt ein einfacher Trick.

Dass im Internet oft nichts so ist, wie es scheint, weiß inzwischen wohl jeder. Das trifft vor allem auf Fotos zu. Gerne wird geschönt und nachgeholfen, wo es nur möglich ist. Die Haut wird glatter, die Beine schmaler, die Brüste praller.

Insbesondere Instagram ist ein glänzendes Beispiel für den täglichen visuellen Selbstbetrug. Hier finden sich Hunderttausende von Fitness-Models und -Bloggern, deren Körper wie gemalt aussehen.

Perfekt durchtrainiert, ohne ein Gramm Fett am Leib, präsentieren sie sich ihren zahlreichen Followern. So auch das Fitness-Model Imre Cecen.

"GOALS" VS "FATROLLS" 👀 To anyone who calls me "goals" or "perfection" when they see that left picture or other pictures of me on insta: just know that if this left picture is your "goal" the right one should be too!!! Both me, both beautiful and only taken minutes apart. So this is actually GOALS VS GOALS!! ✨ . 🎥New video is up on my Youtube called "can you get rid of all skinfold & fatrolls?" Make sure you watch it if you've been feeling a bit down because whenever you sit rolls show up. Direct link is in my bio!😘 . If instagram was a river and you went fishing the main thing you'd catch would be "flattering pictures" & "flexed bodies"🐟🐟 Realise that you only see part of someone when you scroll through their account! 👀 . When I look at these pictures I see a beautiful girl in both of them!✨ It took me years though to learn to accept my body the way it is and I'm still learning to love it more every single day!❤ . So why do we mainly post pictures like the left one? I think everyone has their own reason. It could be insecurity but it could also be to show off hard work!👊🏼 . In the end we all need to learn that we are beautiful no matter what! A year ago I would have instantly deleted that picture on the right💔 And now? Do you see that giant smile? It's me smiling at myself in the mirror. I could see every roll, fold or whatever and thought; "you know what girl? You are beautiful!" ❤️ . Don't let some rolls hold you back in life!🙅🏻 Only avoid going to parties cause you're at home eating cinnamon rolls, not because of some silly fatrolls! . . Showing you a very realistic shapecheck in my Youtube video without hiding any rolls or folds. Damn even pulling them rolls so hard that they bounce back when I let go of them. Should have slow motioned that part! Would have been hilarious!😂😂 . Know that you don't need to lose weight or reach that "goal body" to be beautiful🙅🏻 YOU ARE ALREADY BEAUTIFUL! Open your eyes and see how amazing you are! I wanna see you shine! I want you to see your own beauty! Walk to that mirror and tell yourself; I AM BEAUTIFUL!❤️❤️ . (Maybe also tell your mum that she's beautiful since it's mothersday!)🙈

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⁉️CAN YOU GET RID OF ALL SKINFOLDS &FATROLLS?⁉️ I know some people might think that this is a silly question but I noticed that lots of women and girls do seem to struggle with this and that's more than logical!!!💭 . On tv and in magazines we only see airbrushed bodies, "flattering" poses and even bodies which had so much surgery that you might wonder if it's still human. This changes our ideas about reality and the "perfect body". Suddenly young girls seem to think they need a butt so big that you can't even turn around anymore without smacking someone down with it😅 That shit is more dangerous than idiots walking around with giant backpacks or pipes 🎒 😵 #youcouldkillsomeone . Girls want to look like a marble statue without any rolls or folds. You know why that statue doesn't have folds? Cause it's a statue and it can't move! Be greatfull cause that skin of yours gives you the opportunity to walk around, to eat and just to live in general!✨ . If you're feeling down whenever you see any rolls, folds or whatever: go check out my latest YouTube video! It's called "can you get rid of all skinfolds & fatrolls" and as far as I've heard it makes you see fatrolls in a totally different way! #theyareyourfriends (Kinda want to quote all amazing resposes I got) Anyway, the direct link to this video is in my bio so check it out!! It tells you if it's possible to be all skinfold & fatroll free🤗 Oh and a realistic view of my body in different poses🙈 #hellofolds #hellorolls . Some skin folds or rolls shouldn't make you freak out🙅🏻 You should be happy that you've got them!! So no need to look as terrified as I do in this left picture😅 Doing this will only give you more skinfolds only these are called wrinkles😂👵🏻 #uhoh . Start loving your body for all it does is taking care of you! Literally, it's only job is to be there for you!👯 Stop seeing your body as your enemy, stop hating it! Start seeing your body as your best friend! Start loving it! You are beautiful no matter what!❤ . RAISE YOUR HAND IF YOU'RE READY TO START LOVING YOUR BODY!🙋🏻💕 day by day, step by step, fold by fold & roll by roll!🤗💕 💕 . Ps. If you're having a bad day just zoom in on my overdamatic face😫😂😭

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Die gebürtige Holländerin zeigt auf ihrem Blog, was sie hat, oder besser: Was sie nicht hat. Denn sie präsentiert in regelmäßigen Abständen auf ihrem Blog, wie gestellt die meisten Instagram-Bilder wirklich sind.

Außerdem verrät sie, dass auch sie keineswegs einen "perfekten Körper“ hat, wenn sie ihn nicht "perfekt" in Szene setzt oder die Bilder extrem bearbeitet.

Hooray, yet another 30 second transformation. We probably all know by now that even us instagrammers don't walk around posing all day😅 I mean seriously, who's got time for that? Also I'm pretty sure it would hurt as hell. But why did I call that left picture "bad" posture?✨ ✨ Posing means that you push your body out of its comfort zone. So not in its natural "shape". Yet in the left picture my body is also not in its "natural" shape. My shoulders are rounded so the upper part of my spine is curved. My hips are pushed forward which makes the lower part of my spine curve. Lots of us are walking around like this so guess it's nothing to worry about, right? . That's where we're wrong!! This posture is also called "slouching" and can cause serious health problems!! It can cause headaches, pulled muscles and back pains. That's why I called it "bad" posture. Now don't get freaked out cause this is not a death sentence but it's certainly something to think about🤔 . Lots of things can be done to change your posture. Start practicing to stand up straight and check your posture. Training can also help. Strengthen your core and make sure you stretch enough. Tight muscles can really change your posture and not in a good way. ✨ ✨ So should you now continue life looking like that right picture? Wouldn't recommend that either🙅🏻 Sure posing is fun for a picture but it's also not a healthy posture. In real life you should be looking somewhere in between these two pics. ✨ ✨ I know that working on your posture doesn't really sound like fun or maybe it just sounds like bullshit to you😳 But guess what; good posture makes you look so much better! Stand proud and tall, open your chest and you'll suddenly look so confident! ✨ ✨ Slouching is often done cause the closed posture makes us feel like we can "hide" from the rest of the world. Guess what? I can still see you! So instead of slouching, start standing straight up. Walk through the door like; hello, HERE I AM! Be proud!! You deserve to be seen!!❤❤ tag someone who needs to know about the importance of posture!!👯 ✨ Do you ever think about your posture? Or do you work on it? Let me know😘

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Obwohl Cecen eine tolle Figur hat, so zeigen die einzelnen Postings, dass selbst der trainierteste Körper ohne Posing, gutes Licht und generell im realen Leben komplett anders aussieht, als auf Instagram.

💡THE DIFFERENCE LIGHTING CAN MAKE!💡Do you ever feel pretty happy with your body one moment, but then you see yourself in different lighting and suddenly those happy feelings fade away and insecurity hits you?😔 NOT NECESSARY AT ALL!🙅🏻 . Let me tell you one thing; it's 100% normal that your body looks different when the lighting changes. It happens to all of us since we simply can't bring that "perfect" lighting around with us. The reason why it seems like all "insta models" do look "amazing" all the time is just cause they only post pictures with lighting that they like🤷🏻‍♀️ . I like my body equally in these pictures, simply cause both are my body and both are beautiful💕 Ok except for the fact that my eyes make me look like a demon on the left😅 It's probably cause I'd died from flexing too hard😂 . I used to get upset if my abs didn't show in pics but now I know it's just simple physics. In the left picture there's an artificial light shining so bright that most shades dissapear💡 on the right there's only natural light leaving room for shades which give that definition💁🏻 . Whether or not your definition will show is all about the brightness and angle of the light source!!!💡☀️ . Know that your body is beautiful in all lights, all shapes, all colors and just all everything! Own your body for it's the only one you'll ever have!❤ . Oh and for the caption obviouses; yes these are different pictures but they were taken at the same time of the day. I'm flexing in both and my pose is the same. As far as it's possible to stand exactly the same way though😅 Sadly I don't have an assistant so I really did have to move myself to turn on that light💡 🤷🏻‍♀️ . Anyway, to all my lovely girls who think they need to be perfect all the time; YOU ALREADY ARE! Abs or no abs, big butt or small butt, tiny or tall, you are beautiful!❤ You don't need that perfect lighting🙅🏻 GO SHINE YOUR OWN LIGHT!✨💕 WHO'S READY TO SHINE??🙋🏻🙋🏼🙋🏽 TAG YOUR SHINE BUDDY!👯

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"Wir haben im Netz den Bezug zur Realität verloren“, schreibt die Fitness-Bloggerin auf Instagram. Sie schreibt gerne persönliche Anmerkungen unter ihre Fotos, um ihre Follower darauf aufmerksam zu machen, dass Instagram nicht dem realen Leben entspricht.

‼️DIFFERENT KIND OF "KEEP IT REAL"‼️ I know some people are all done with the "keep it real" pictures so I thought I'd try a new one😅 I find this one kinda hilarious🙈chilling by the pool instagram vs real life👙 . Anyone familiar with the concept of having all "normal" legs when you're standing but as soon as you sit down they transform into huge piles of meat?🍖😂 Why is it that those 2 sticks we use to walk expand to the size of Texas whenever they touch a chair?😅 . This is the most NORMAL thing ever yet us girls seem to be so self conscious about it😔 Hello! Your legs are being pushed against a surface, they are supposed to expand! This doesn't mean you're fat🙅🏻 Even muscle will just look like a huge shapeless pile of meat when there's no flexing involved🍖 If you don't want your legs to expand maybe invest in stone legs!⛰⛏ I'd choose marble ones💁🏻😂 . We've just lost touch with reality because on the internet all we see are those freaking hot dog legs🌭 I am guilty of posting those too! Yet even I wondered on my last vacay why my legs were so "big" when I sat down. 😅 . Thought I'd take a good comparison pic and I'm pretty sure I've got a hernia now😅 Creating that thighgap & skinny legs feel was real hard😵 I had to arch my back like crazy, hold my legs up (serious ab work was involved) and had to sit on the edge of the pool which caused me to almost fall. Both my camera & I would have drowned in the sadness of insta perfection (I would survive the water though, I can swim!🙆🏻) To people who do sit like this in real life; I admire your core strenght & willpower! . Yep, that's the truth behind poolside hotdog pics. Truth be told I'd much rather sit like that right pic whilst enjoying an actual hotdog🌭 What is your fave poolside snack? Kinda wanted to hold a piece of watermelon whilst taking this but it turns out that's only for advanced instagram posing😅 I couldn't hold myself up, flex them abs, hold a watermelon & take pics at the same time😂 Guess I better start practicing for my next vacay!💁🏻 . Ps. I don't think there's anything wrong with the way my legs look in the pic on the right. Just showing you the difference! 🌭 vs 🍖 = both yummy🙆🏻

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"Alles, was wir sehen, sind perfekte Körper. Doch auch die schönsten Körper können "fat-rolls" haben und das ist gut so. Seid glücklich. Wir sind wunderschön!", schreibt sie.

Mit ihrem Mut hat Imre Cecen einen Sturm der Begeisterung ausgelöst. Tausende Menschen feiern sie nun dafür im Netz.

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