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Wenn Dorfkinder Heimweh haben, müssen sie unbedingt diese Bilder sehen

Familie Yonder hat sich einen Lebenstraum erfüllt.
Instagram/Farmer Jason
Familie Yonder hat sich einen Lebenstraum erfüllt.

Ihr ekelt euch mehr vor verstopften U-Bahnen als vor Kuhmist, sammelt lieber Frühstücks- statt Schokoeier, tragt lieber Gummistiefel statt Stiefeletten und bekommt bei tief brummenden Traktormotoren ein wohliges Gefühl im Bauch? Dann gehört ihr zu den Naturfreunden, Frischluftfanatikern und Düngergeruchliebhabern, die bei diesen Bildern in wahre Extase geraten sollten.

Farmer Jason zeigt uns auf seinem Instagram Account so wunderschöne Seiten des Landlebens, dass wir am liebsten unseren Cowboy-Hut aus dem Keller holen und zu ihm, seinen vier Töchtern, seinen hundert Hühnern und Schweinen und seinem rotem Traktor ziehen möchten.

Well, they can sense the change of season coming and a few of the hens have decided to build a clutch of eggs in a location that's too cute for us to stop them. Fall baby chicks will soon be a comin. #yonderwayfarm #thatplantthough

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2006 beginnt die Geschichte der "Yonder Way Farm"

Five Chicks and a Farmer. Wouldn't have it any other way. #YonderWayFarm @fivechicksandafarmer

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Die Familie packte ihre Sachen und kaufte sich eine Farm

Denn sie sehnten sich nach einem einfacheren Leben und der Verbundenheit zur Natur

The ever amazing, oh so delicious, #buttfruit. #YonderWayFarm #theperfectpasturedegg

Ein von Farmer Jason (@yonderwayfarmer) gepostetes Foto am

Four eggs in the hand is better than........oh wait, that's not right. #yonderwayfarm #theperfectpasturedegg

Ein von Farmer Jason (@yonderwayfarmer) gepostetes Foto am

Besonders wichtig ist der Familie, Lebensmittel völlig eigentständig zu produzieren

Fightin for a teat. Was a perfect night for having babies, that's for sure. #yonderwayfarm

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They got it figured out. #YonderWayFarm #easylikesundaymorning

Ein von Farmer Jason (@yonderwayfarmer) gepostetes Foto am

Und ihre Tiere auf beinahe ausgestorbene natürliche Weise zu halten

Thankful for a beautiful morning. My coffee. A day loaded with projects. And Freedom. Cheers. #YonderWayFarm

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Pig Roundup. Kinda like herding cats. #Yonderwayfarm #theyreeverywhere

Ein von Farmer Jason (@yonderwayfarmer) gepostetes Foto am

Das "Grass-Farming" also das grasen auf großen Weiden möchte die Familie wieder etablieren

The girls are finally picking up. 3 buckets a day. Woohoo #yonderwayfarm #theperfectpasturedegg #moltingsucks

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Besonders dankbar ist die Familie für die Gemeinschaft, die sie mit ihren Kunden aufbauen

Today was one of those doozy of a days. A big storm rolled through this morning and pretty much wrecked shop. Variables that are out of our hands have always been the most difficult to work through. However, over the years, the Lord has really taught us to walk through this journey with open hands. To roll with the punches and adapt knowing that sometimes our best won't be good enough. However, pictures like this put things into perspective. Yes things are broken, money is lost, and rebuilding and planning will have to happen. But our girls all helped and pulled together and at the end of the day, they have the faith of children. They understand that they are loved beyond measure, fed, they have great beds and a good solid roof over their heads. They are well clothed (clearly not choosing to be here), full of encouragement, and are hopefully optimistic. Big picture stuff. The stuff that matters. Sometimes I wish it all could just be summed up with all of us sitting around in our undies and playing in the dirt. With smiling faces and the laughter of these littles. But then again, grown ups in undies in a circle is kinda creepy, but you get the gist. #Yonderwayfarm #ramblings #tomorrowisanewday

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Und dafür, dass ihre Kinder behütet und naturverbunden aufwachsen dürfen

Denn sie dürfen von klein auf einen Lebensstil genießen...

... der ihnen nicht nur die Freiheit, sondern auch den Wert ehrlicher und guter Arbeit zeigt

Trying our best to keep it simple. #yonderwayfarm #pictapgo_app

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"Know your farmer, know your food"

Best kind of play ground. #yonderwayfarm #freerangekids #pictapgo_app

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Touristen sind immer herzlich Willkommen auf ihrer Farm

Denn sie haben ihnen eine Menge zu zeigen

Schweine, die bei jedem Wetter draußen sein und im Dreck wühlen können

Urigen Bauernhof-Charme

Sweet little hands. "Oh how I love to hold thee." #yonderwayfarm #daddysgirl #pictapgo_app

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Und seine wunderschöne Familie

Summer always seems like a hurdle to get over when you make your living outside. Like a check point passed and you're moving on to a more enjoyable season. Actually in my mind, the best season of all, FALL. Yesterday our girls officially started Classical Conversation, our homeschool community. We chose to homeschool years ago for so many reasons but one of them being our unconventional, unpredictable lifestyle we have out here. This time of year reminds me of how thankful I am for so many things. Thankful for these precious girls who give us so much grace and patience as we try to figure out the different levels of parenting. For how uniquely different they are and what each member brings to the team to make us a unit. They are amazingly beautiful inside and out. The best gift I could have ever been blessed with. Thankful for my woman, @fivechicksandafarmer who constantly blows me away with the lady she has become. A true woman on so many levels. My helpmate. Who even her touch, after 15 years, is a soothing sensation that causes my eyes to slowly shut and my body tingle. You're unique. You're so beautiful, thoughtful, and purposefully driven especially in regards to our family. Not a day goes by that I don't understand that you could choose to do something else, but please know, I am so thankful for the path less traveled that you blaze through. I love you sweet lady. Getting to spend the rest of this life with you makes me the most blessed man on this earth. Y'all are my peeps. We are the Kramer's. And that makes me so so happy. Cheers to a new school year. I love y'all. #yonderwayfarm #yonderwayfarmschool

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