Einer ihrer ungebohrenen Drillinge droht im Bauch zu sterben. Dann trifft diese Mutter eine schwere Entscheidung

Chloe und Rohan Dunstans größter Wunsch ist eine kleine Tochter. Ihr Familienglück ist eigentlich abgeschlossen, denn sie haben bereits drei wundervolle Söhne. Ein viertes und letztes Kind würde es perfekt machen.

Happy Mother's Day // Over the past few days I have been teasing Ro that I will have a crappy Mother's Day because he would be working 3am-12pm and I wouldn't get breakfast in bed or any special treatment. It would just be a regular day for me. So I woke up to Evan coming into my room.. He said "Happy Mother's Day, mummy!!" (He also said "I'm hungry" and "can you make my breakfast now" ) and when I got out of bed he brought me out some presents. It was the sweetest thing ever.. I got a new blow dryer, some Lush products, Lindt chocolates and an adorable Peppa Pig "No.1 Mum" shirt and mug. Complete with card from the boys. Oh and the best part was that Ro secretly changed the boys into these "My Mums Purrrfect" cat shirts sometime last night without me knowing. I am just the luckiest to have such a sweet, adoring husband and most of all I'm lucky to have three healthy, beautiful children and three more on the way. I am lucky to be their mum.

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Die beiden probieren ihr Glück und Chloe wird schwanger.

Thank-you.. I am so overwhelmed with the amount of love and prayers for little Pearl on my last post. I'm really not sure what to think or feel.. I go between thinking everything will be just fine, and then preparing for the worst. In the two weeks between my last two appointments, Pearl only grew a couple of days worth, and her estimated weight went up by 50 grams. Her cord flow is looking okay for now, she has lots of fluid, a nice strong heart rate and she moves around like normal. It's possible she is just small. But it's possible she could stop growing completely. It's such a nerve wracking time.. Just waiting. I have heard many success stories though and I'm really trying to be optimistic. My baby girl will be okay. Here's a picture of her from yesterday's scan.. She has her head thrown back and some placenta squished up in her face. I don't know how comfortable she is.. She's tucked up down the bottom and her silly brothers are taking up all the room now. I'll be sure to update you on her growth after my next appointment in two weeks... Until then, keep the good thoughts coming. We are so grateful to have this amazing support.

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Beim Frauenarzt erfahren sie, dass ihr Glück gleich dreifach war, denn in Chloes Bauch wachsen drei Kinder. Zwei Jungs und ein Mädchen.

I got to see my sweet babies today. First up is Henry- he's the big fatty of the trio.. Measuring above the 80th percentile, which is absolutely massive considering he's a triplet. I think he looks like Evan and Felix. He is a pretty chilled out guy, but does like having a bit of a kick to his brothers head every now and then. Then the picture below is Rufus. He's just above the 50th percentile, which is still really good for a triplet! He is absolutely nuts.. He is always making it impossible for my doctor to scan him because he just moves around so much. He is the crazy one of the lot. I think in this photo he looks like Otto! We couldn't get a 3D picture of little Pearl because she wasn't in a good position. She's a tiny little thing.. Below the 10th percentile for size.. A couple of weeks behind. My doctor was a little more concerned about her today. Talking about the possibility of her dying, and how I'll have to carry her until the boys are ready to be born because they wouldn't want to risk them all by delivering them too early (i.e 24 weeks). I know it's what would be best for them, but it's scary. I don't want to lose her. There's no way to make her grow, so we will just have to keep hoping for the best. Every time I see them, I just feel so much more love for them. They're my babies.. I am their mother. We are a family. I can't wait until I get to meet them. Just hold on a couple more months little babies.

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Im Verlauf der Schwangerschaft wächst Chloes Bauch immer weiter.

[26 weeks + 3 days] Today we had our weekly appointment! Pearls growth has slowed even more, she went from 494g last fortnight to 579 today. So still growing but slowing down. She's measuring 23 weeks- which is over three weeks behind. My doctor says she isn't too concerned about her size, she says she will do much better in that out. Her fluid is getting a bit lower and and her cord flow still isn't optimal but she's hanging in there. I asked if we had any sort of plan and they say we will just have to play it by ear. So another scan next week. My doctor says she really hopes we can push it til the other side of 30 weeks and I would be so happy if we could hit 30 weeks. It's just so much better than 28. Although she does have about a 20% chance of dying in utero at this point, but it's just pointless to take them out now while they're so preterm. It's scary but I can't help but agree. So.. Next appointment is next Friday. Hopefully we have an uneventful couple of weeks. Thank you all for thinking of us.

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Da Mehrlingsschwangerschaften immer riskant sind, lässt sich Chloe regelmäßig untersuchen. Lange vor dem Geburtstermin erfährt die junge Familie, dass die Drillinge in Gefahr sind. Das Mädchen wird nicht ausreichend mit Sauerstoff versorgt, und förmlich von ihren beiden größeren Brüdern erdrückt. Chloe und ihr Mann müssen eine Entscheidung treffen, die das Leben der Kleinen retten oder beenden könnte. Holen sie die Kinder früher auf die Welt, könnte das Mädchen überleben. Gleichzeitig haben aber alle drei als Frühchen eine deutlich schlechtere Überlebenschance. Die Familie lässt sich nicht unterkriegen und trifft ihre Entscheidung. In der Hoffnung, dass vor allem das bereits geschwächte Mädchen stark genug ist, holen sie die Drillinge in der 28. Schwangerschaftswoche auf die Welt.

Little Pearl Unfortunately I couldn't visit today, as I managed to catch the boys' cold. But Ro went in to drop my milk off and say hello to our tinies. Pearl is less puffy but still retaining a bit of fluid.. She is weighing 885, which is almost 200g above her birth weight- but we don't know how much of that is just extra fluid. She had to have an x-ray as they noticed her tummy was bloated, but it didn't show anything wrong. She is still doing well on CPAP and is now on 2ml of breastmilk every 2 hours. I am missing them so much.. It's so hard going from carrying them inside me, to seeing them only a few hours a day, if that, and then times like now when I can't see them at all... Sometimes I feel like they aren't even mine. It's so painful. Every day that passes is one day closer to them being home though.. I have to remember this and stay positive.

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Der wochenlange Krankenhausaufenthalt, Bluttransfusionen und viel Zuneigung lassen die Babys überleben.

Today was the best day ever. We were reunited for the first time since birth!

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Rufus, Henry und Pearl sind heute gesund und verzaubern ihre Eltern und Geschwister Tag für Tag.

Today's unintentional colour coordination needed to be documented.

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